Colors & Sizes

We don't use screws, nails or other sharp metal pieces.
Your pet could get hurt - so we only use non-toxic glue and bioplastic connector parts.

Even if screws etc seem to be hidden in the wood, your rodent can easily chew them free within a few hours. Outstanding ends could not only hurt their inner mouth but can also lead to fatal eye injuries.


We only use animal friendly materials - that also means we don't use pine or other resinating wood. The leaking resin could stick to your pets fur, mouth, air way and the releasing essential oils can irritate your pets respiratory tracts.

Safe wood types we use are poplar, beech and birch.

The glue and paint we work with is non-toxic, water based, solvent free and certified in Germany as safe for Baby Toys.

All of our fabric supplies are made out of fleece:
it's a fabric that's knitted instead of woven.
That means there are no threads used and therefore your pet can chew as much as it wants - it will never loosen any threads that could contract your pets limbs.

Also some of our supplies are sewed free because we melt them instead - for safer snuggling and sweet dreams 🙂


We make sure that every entrance is big enough for your pet to sneak in safely:
The danger with too little entrances is your pet getting injured - for example when your hamsters cheeks are filled with seeds and it squeezes through a tight opening, the seeds could poke into its sensitive inner mouth flesh and produce tiny wounds that can get easily infected.

Also we always recommend 2 entrances as soon as you got more than one pet in the same environment.

Our Connector Parts are made out of PLA:
it's a Bioplastic made from corn starch which makes it biocompatible, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Because of these connector parts we are able to build our supplies completely without the use of sharp screws or nails - We even have functional hinges!